PTA Chairperson Information

General Chair information:

  • The date of the event should be confirmed with the Principal.
  • The budget for the event should be confirmed with PTA Treasurer.
  • Contact all volunteers and hold a meeting(s), as necessary.
  • A “Request for Gym Set-up for Event/Performance” form must be completed one week in  advance for any custodial needs (i.e., chairs/tables/garbage cans/etc.)
  • A copy of the PTA “Tax Exemption Identification Number” letter should be used when purchasing any items for the event.
  • Helpful tools which can be used when organizing an event include…E-backpack, Feedblitz, and the PTA website.
  • Following the event, the “Event Feedback Report” (page 3)  should be completed and submitted to the PTA’s 2nd Vice President.


  • Notices regarding upcoming events, fundraisers or announcements, may be posted on E-backpack. E-backpack is updated each Wednesday. Please remember…requests for volunteers can never be sent too early or too often. The President of the PTA may also send out a “Feedblitz” as an additional form of communication, upon chairperson’s request.
  • The Principal must approve ALL notices prior to distribution. Please email a PDF version of your flyer by 9:00am on Tuesday, in order for it to be included in the upcoming Wednesday’s E-backpack.
  • The primary mode of communication for all flyers is E-backpack. In the event that a hard copy is requested, due to near 100% response required, the request MUST be submitted and approved by the Principal prior to photocopying. Please note…backpack mail is distributed on Wednesdays, only, so be sure to allow enough time to disseminate information. Please ensure that photocopying is completed by 9:00am on Wednesday, in order to be included in that week’s backpack mail. Flyers should be sent to the first oldest student in each family. A list of the number of first oldest students per grade is posted above the copy machine in the office copy room. Copies of the flyers are then placed in each teacher’s mail slot for distribution.

Start up cash:

  • If cash is needed for the event, a “Start-up Cash Voucher” shall be completed by the Chairperson and submitted to the Treasurer at least one week prior to the event. The Treasurer will provide the Chairperson with a check to be cashed.
  • In general, most events require $50 to $100.

Forms for reimbursement of expenses:

  • An “Expense Voucher” form must be completed by the Chairperson and submitted to the Treasurer with all original receipts. Properly submitted forms will be reimbursed in one week.


  • For fundraising events, it is the responsibility of the Chairperson to count the cash, and checks received and record the total on a “Deposit Voucher” form to be given to the Treasurer.

Note: Copies of all PTA Forms are located in the folder marked “Treasurer” in the school office, in the PTA mail slot, and posted on the PTA website.

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