Wee Deliver

What is Wee Deliver?
Wee Deliver is a program where students write, address and mail letters, cards, drawings or photos to other Hollywood students, teachers and staff. It’s a great way for kids to send nice messages to each other, send holiday wishes, or share photos from a special event. Kids can be creative while learning to be thoughtful and considerate of others.

Who can participate?
Any Hollywood student can participate in Wee Deliver. Parents can participate by mailing items when visiting school, or by giving items to another student to mail. The kids love being surprised and receiving mail from friends, family and teachers!

How does Wee Deliver work?
After creating and addressing their items, students drop them in one of the two “mailboxes” at school. Envelopes must be sealed, addressed correctly, and include “postage” (a sticker, rubber stamp, etc.). Mail is delivered once a month to each classroom, teacher, or staff member.

What are the Wee Deliver addresses?
Use the addresses in the link  below to make sure kids and staff get their mail!